My partner and I took the in-person Childbirth Prep Class in January. Frankly, we felt like a deer in headlights before starting this class and walked away feeling very comfortable with what was ahead. We covered every possible part of the birthing process and what to expect. I was personally very scared, and now I feel confident and understand what I want my birthing experience to look like (in theory!). Thank you, Madalyn, for empowering me with knowledge in this journey!


Madalyn has been an instrumental part of the care team today. All of her supportive interventions were just what the mother and father needed to fulfill their birthing wishes. Thank you for all of your wonderful care.

RN-C, MSN at Cedar Sinai Medical Center

I’m very pleased with what this course covered. I feel that Madalyn does an amazing job getting coaches on board and feel that their role is vital to the moral of the mother. Mad props to Madalyn.

Excellent class. Great positions and coping techniques, even for MD’s.
CSMC Doctor

Cedar Sinai Medical Center

Thank you so much for your dedication and loving spirit in teaching this childbirth preparation class. We have learned so much from you. You have definitely eased any fears and answered a ton of questions. We feel really prepared to welcome our baby in about 7 weeks. Thanks again!
Tom & Brooke

Madalyn is an incredible instructor. I love how passionate she was with all the info. Not only was all the info very useful, she also made me emotionally more stable about my labor/delivery.

Thank you for providing these classes to prepare me for such a life changing experience. Also, I love all the positive energy and atmosphere you bring to your classes.

Thank you for your energetic honesty that has left us both better prepared for the journey. Thanks again!
Jen & Nick

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you taught us throughout the classes and beyond. This journey would not have been the same without your caring support. We consider ourselves lucky to have met a person like you!
Abdias & Victoria

Madalyn was outstanding. Informative, clear, supportive and very thorough. She speaks very clearly and makes sure everyone understands. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she really makes the process exciting instead of frightening. She makes it very clear when she is sharing personal opinions and experiences versus passing on “official“ information. I cannot recommend her high enough! Excellent.
Claire & Daniel

This class was awesome. We came in knowing very little and now we both feel much more confident and ready to embrace the day rather to fear it. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.
Dennis and Vernia

Madalyn was awesome in many ways – very informative, authentic, frantic, funny, sensitive, open-minded. We could not have asked for a better teacher to provide us with an exciting and inspiring experience.
Thank you!
Leigh & Joe

Madalyn is a star! She is a huge asset for this hospital and made us feel so good. Her grasp of science, grounding in evidence based research, and familiarity with progressive protocols is truly special and amazing!
Sarah & Patrick

Thank you so much for being our birthing coach. We really appreciate all that you have taught us, especially about the power of movement during labor.
Daniella & Isaac

We cannot thank you enough for all your wisdom and humor during our birth classes. The info you shared with us will no doubt be invaluable. It really shows that you love what you do.
Angie & Chris

We wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for us. You made us feel so comfortable and supported through the class. Not only was it informative but it was also so much fun. You have an amazing spirit full of life and love. Thank you for the confidence!!! We will never forget you.
Drew & Irene

Thank you so much for educating us and empowering us! You have made childbirth and pregnancy feel beautiful and incredible! You have been heaven sent, and we feel blessed to have taken your classes!
 Thank you!!!
Kambiz & Jenn